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Eighth Section of China Railway Tunnel Group He-Fu ...

The specification of this project is 0.2x13mm and the tensile strength is over 2850 Mpa, other properties satisfies the requirements of JG3064-1999

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The genaral manager and engineer Mr Wang Hongjun a

The general manager and engineer Mr. Wang Hongjun are invited to attend to the first meeting of establishing of “Designing regulation of steel fiber rei...

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toughness of SFRC

The main advantage of SFRC and the most useful one regarding design of slabs on ground is the post-crack behaviour or toughness of SFRC.? Steel Fib...

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Zhitai Steel fiber R&D glued steel fiber successfu...

Zhitai Steel fiber R&D glued steel fiber successfully at 2014. Glued steel fibers are glued from end hooked steel fibers by water soluble glue, to ...

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