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End hooked steel fiberEnd hooked steel fiber

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End hooked steel fiber

Product introduction

Lignin fiber is a natural wood fiber obtained by organic chemical treatment, the appearance of cotton wool, white or grey white. Through the filter, split, high-temperature treatment, bleaching, chemical processing, neutralization, sieve into different length and thickness of the fiber to adapt to different application materials. Due to the temperature up to 250 DEG C, under normal conditions is chemically very stable material, not for general solvent, acid and alkali corrosion, with non-toxic, tasteless, non polluting, non radioactive excellent quality, does not affect the environment, is harmless to the human body, which belongs to the green environmental protection product, this is other minerals fibroin fibers do not have. Fiber microstructure is band bending, rough, porous, the intersection is flat and has good toughness, dispersion and chemical stability, water absorption ability is strong, and there is a very good thickening crack resistance.


F1 equation racing road; high temperature and rainy area road and parking lot; anti sliding surface of Expressway and urban expressway and main road;

Deck pavement. In particular, the steel bridge deck pavement; the cold area, to prevent the temperature shrinkage cracks; city road bus lanes;

Road heavy traffic, heavy load and overload vehicles road; urban road intersections, bus stations, freight yards, ports, docks,

Construction suggestion

Recommended dosage: usually the amount of 0.3% of the quality of the mixture, the specific implementation of the design